99 Lunar New Year Wishes That Spark Joy and Prosperity

Published: January 12, 2024


lunar new year wishes

As the Lunar New Year approaches, millions around the world are preparing to embrace fresh beginnings. This joyous occasion symbolizes the promise of new hope and prosperity.

Sharing wishes for health, wealth, and happiness is the heart of the celebration. While families reunite under the glow of lanterns and feasts are shared, everyone looks forward to the potential of what the new year brings.

In this spirit, let's share Lunar New Year wishes that can light up the hearts of friends and loved ones, cultivating a year ahead filled with good fortune and joy.

Read on for messages that capture the essence of this cherished time, perfect for heartfelt greetings as the new moon rises.

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How Do People Celebrate Lunar New Year?

People all around the world look forward to the Lunar New Year with much excitement and joy. It's a time when families gather to share meals and hopes for the coming year.

The celebrations often start with a thorough cleaning of the home, symbolizing a fresh start. Bright red decorations fill houses and streets, as red is believed to bring good fortune.

Delicious food is a huge part of the festivities, with dishes like dumplings and noodles served for luck and longevity.

Families enjoy reunion dinners, packed with laughter and sharing stories from the past year. Children receive red envelopes with money, called 'hongbao', as a wish for prosperity.

Fireworks light up the night sky, scaring off any bad luck for the year ahead. Dazzling lion and dragon dances are a common sight, bringing energy and strength to communities.

People also pay visits to temples, praying for a blessing and showing gratitude.

Gifts are exchanged, and kindness flows freely among loved ones and neighbors.

The happiness of Lunar New Year isn't just a day; it’s a season of warmth, reflection, and looking towards the future with hope and excitement.

Happy Lunar New Year Wishes

Happy Lunar New Year wishes embrace the spirit of renewal and hope as we step into a new lunar cycle.

  • May the new moon bring you and your family abundant blessings. Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Wishing you a prosperous Lunar New Year filled with happiness and good fortune.
  • Welcome the Lunar New Year with joy in your heart and lots of laughter. Have a great celebration!
  • Happy Lunar New Year! May your days be as sparkling as the fireworks in the night sky.
  • Cheers to a Lunar New Year brimming with opportunities and adventures. Make them count!
  • Happy Lunar New Year! Hope your life gets brighter with each passing day.
  • Greetings of wealth, health, and endless happiness this Lunar New Year!
  • May peace and prosperity come to your door this Lunar New Year. Have a wonderful time!
  • Glide into the Lunar New Year on wings of prosperity. Warm wishes to you!
  • Embrace the fresh energies of the Lunar New Year. May they fill your home with joy!
  • Blossom like the flowers in spring this Lunar New Year. Wishing you growth and success!
  • Revel in the festivities and the promise of a hopeful Lunar New Year.
  • May each day of the Lunar New Year be a treasure trove of joyful moments for you.
  • Let's toast to a Lunar New Year that beams brighter than the moon itself!
  • A heart full of smiles and a vibrant spirit – may these be yours this Lunar New Year.
  • Wishing you a Lunar New Year that is as delightful as the first sunrise of the lunar calendar.
  • May the Lunar New Year fill every corner of your life with energy and positivity. Happy festivities!
  • As we celebrate the Lunar New Year, may your world be filled with warmth and good cheer.
  • Tidings of success and health to you in this glowing Lunar New Year. Have an amazing time!
  • Send off the old and welcome the new. Cheers to fresh starts this Lunar New Year!

Traditional Lunar New Year Wishes

Traditional Lunar New Year wishes often involve words and phrases that encapsulate the hopes for prosperity, health, and happiness in the coming year.

  • Cheers to your prosperity! May the new moon bring a bounty of joy and wealth.
  • Wishing you a New Year that blossoms with rewarding experiences and success.
  • May the Lunar New Year shower you with blessings as countless as the stars.
  • Here’s to abundant health and laughter in the year ahead!
  • Wishing you a year of unbeatable peace and prosperity.
  • May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and joy for you and your family.
  • Rejoice in the Lunar New Year with endless happiness and good fortune.
  • Hoping the rising moon fills your life with vitality and bright moments.
  • Cheers to longevity and thriving prosperity this coming year!
  • Embrace the fresh start that the Lunar New Year brings with open arms.
  • Let harmony and joy fill your home this season and all year round.
  • May the traditional joys and treasures of the Lunar New Year fill your heart.
  • May you ride the winds of fortune and navigate towards success this new year.
  • Wishing you an impressive surge of prosperity in the Lunar New Year!
  • Ring in the Year with high spirits and the ambition to achieve your dreams.
  • Elevate your hopes, for the Lunar New Year heralds a tide of positive change.
  • As the new moon rises, may your wealth and health rise with it, too.
  • Let's toast to a New Year adorned with blessings and rich new beginnings.
  • May the joyous energy of the Lunar New Year propel you into a splendid year.
  • Lukewarm wishes pale in comparison; may this Lunar New Year ignite your zest for life!

Lunar New Year Wishes For Friends And Family

Sharing lunar new year wishes for friends and family can enhance the celebratory spirit, fostering happiness and togetherness during this festive time. It's a thoughtful way to express hope and joy for the months ahead.

  • May the lunar new year fill your home with health, happiness, and a bounty of blessings.
  • Wishing you a prosperous lunar new year filled with success and new adventures.
  • Cheers to a sparkling lunar new year! I hope all your dreams take flight in the coming months.
  • As we step into the lunar new year, may you find peace in your heart and prosperity in every aspect of your life.
  • Blossom like the flowers in spring this lunar new year—may it bring freshness and new beginnings to you and your loved ones.
  • As the new moon rises, so may your fortunes. Happy lunar new year to a wonderful friend and their family.
  • May the lunar new year sweep away the old and fill your life with shiny, new joys.
  • Wishing you courage, strength, and unwavering support in this lunar new year—cheers to making marvelous memories!
  • Let the vibrant energies of the lunar new year spark creativity and passion in your endeavors.
  • Wishing you a lunar new year sparkling with joy, laughter, and precious moments with those who matter most.
  • As the festive drums echo, may the lunar new year bring harmony and prosperity to you and your family.
  • Celebrate the lunar new year with open arms for the good fortune and wonderful opportunities coming your way.
  • Joy, health, and wealth—may these gifts of the lunar new year follow you throughout the year.
  • A toast to the lunar new year—may your year be as sweet as the candies and as warm as the tea.
  • Sending you wishes for a lunar new year loaded with fulfilling experiences and heightened spirit.
  • May every day of this lunar new year glow with contentment and all your wishes come to pass.
  • Enjoy the lanterns and the feasts; the lunar new year is here to bless you with cheerful and heartwarming memories!
  • Wishing that the lunar new year's fireworks launch you into a year of thrill and smiles.
  • Let the lunar new year be a carrier of my warmest wishes for you—success at work and happiness at home.
  • May the spirit of the lunar new year fill your life with light and guide you to a path of peace and success.

Lunar New Year Wishes For Colleagues And Bosses

Crafting Lunar New Year wishes for colleagues and bosses instills a sense of camaraderie and respect, reflecting both the joy of the season and to acknowledge the professional bond.

  • May this Lunar New Year bring you prosperity, and may our collaborative efforts lead to achievements as grand as a dragon's parade!
  • Wishing you good fortune and success this Lunar New Year—may your desk overflow with prosperity as the red envelopes of Spring.
  • Happy Lunar New Year to a boss who mentors with wisdom as profound as ancient traditions—may the new moon usher in a year of success.
  • To a colleague who shines brighter than fireworks on a Lunar New Year's eve—wishing you a year filled with brilliant milestones.
  • As the new moon rises, I wish for your professional journey to be as prosperous and exciting as a lantern festival.
  • May the Lunar New Year bring harmony to your team and abundance to your projects—just like a feast that unites friends and family.
  • In the spirit of renewal that comes with the Lunar New Year, may your career paths be flush with new opportunities and growth.
  • To an inspiring boss, just like the circle of the moon, may your influence bring completeness and success to our collective efforts.
  • Happy Lunar New Year! Looking forward to another year of teamwork and shared victories just as celebrants look forward to the holiday's joy.
  • Wishing you peace and good health as we enter the Lunar New Year, and may our workspace continue to be a place of thriving ventures.
  • Just as the dragon symbolizes power and luck, may this Lunar New Year empower you with leadership and fortunate outcomes in all your endeavors.
  • Greetings for the Lunar New Year! May you lead like the steady drumbeat of a New Year's parade, bringing rhythm and momentum to our work.
  • As Spring unfurls with the Lunar New Year, may it bring you renewed energy and fresh ideas for our projects and collaborations.
  • Celebrating the opportunity for new beginnings this Lunar New Year—with hopes that it adds wealth to your portfolio of achievements.
  • To the backbone of our team—wishing you a Lunar New Year that rewards your steadfast effort with success and recognition.
  • May the brightness of the Lunar New Year's first day shine on your career path and point you towards extraordinary accomplishments.
  • Hoping the joyous spirit of the Lunar New Year carries over into our workplace, fostering a year of memorable successes and strong partnerships.
  • Let us draw upon the energy of the Lunar New Year to innovate and propel our company to new heights. Wishing you a prosperous and positive start!
  • Wishing a Lunar New Year filled with peace and productivity to someone who exemplifies leadership—with thanks for steering our team so well.
  • As we turn the page to a new lunar calendar, may our experiences this year be as abundant and fulfilling as a traditional Lunar New Year's feast.

Short Lunar New Year Wishes

Short lunar new year wishes capture the essence of this rich cultural celebration with sweet and succinct sentiments meant to bring joy, prosperity, and good fortune to those we share them with.

  • May this new moon usher in prosperity and peace for you and your loved ones!
  • Wishing you a year of abundant happiness and wealth!
  • A joyous Lunar New Year filled with health and happiness to you!
  • Cheers to more blessings and fewer troubles this Lunar New Year!
  • New year, new beginnings—may success find its way to you!
  • Embrace the new cycles with courage and hope—happy Lunar New Year!
  • Let the Lunar New Year renew your spirits and refresh your soul.
  • Prosperity and good fortune to you in the New Year!
  • May every day of the new lunar year glow with good cheer.
  • Wishing you a season of joy and a lifetime of prosperity.
  • Health, luck, and much love to you this New Year!
  • May the rise of the new moon bring you rising fortunes.
  • Wishing you a harmonious and joyous Lunar New Year.
  • Celebrate new beginnings with warmth and grandeur—happy New Year!
  • Overflowing wealth and abundance in all aspects this New Year!
  • Let’s toast to a year of laughter and extraordinary success.
  • Warm traditions, new aspirations—best wishes this New Lunar Year.
  • May the Year of the New Moon be as incredible as you.
  • Enjoy the festivities with hearts full of love this New Year!
  • Rejoice in the prospects of this vibrant New Lunar Year!

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