107 Uplifting First Day of School Wishes to Inspire Your Little One

Published: February 6, 2024


first day of school wishes and phrases

Starting a new school year is a big step for your little one, and sending them off with a heart full of first-day-of-school wishes can spark their excitement for the journey ahead.

In this cozy corner of the internet, we'll share comforting and cheerful messages that fit perfectly on a note tucked in a backpack or echoed in a morning goodbye hug.

These phrases will wrap your child in confidence as they step through the school doors.

Keep reading to find the perfect words to inspire your child's very best first day moments.

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What To Say To Your Child On 1St Day Of School?

Today is a huge milestone—it's your first day of school! I'm so proud of you as you start this new adventure.

Remember that you are incredibly special and capable of amazing things.

Keep your mind open, be kind to others, and opportunities to learn and grow will find their way to you.

School is not just about books and homework, but also about making friends, playing, and discovering your own unique talents.

I'll be here every step of the way to support you, cheer you on, and help you tackle any challenges.

You're going to do great, and I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you're going to achieve.

Have a fantastic first day and don't forget your smile—it's your best accessory!

Positive Phrases For First Day Of School

Positive phrases for the first day of school offer kids bright spots of encouragement. They help focus attention on the excitement of learning and making new friends.

  • Shine bright today and every day!
  • You're going to rock your first day of school!
  • New adventures await you at school, dive in!
  • Embrace learning with an open heart and mind.
  • School is your canvas; paint it with your colors!
  • You've got this, school's going to be great!
  • Faces, spaces, and knowledge places — enjoy them all!
  • Take a deep breath and leap into learning, you’ll do amazing!
  • You’re a star on the rise - today is just the beginning!
  • Keep curious and carry on - school's fun has just begun!
  • Making new friends is part of today's exciting chapter!
  • Open a book and open a new world - ready, set, learn!
  • Smile big, laugh often, and learn lots — school’s cool!
  • Every question you ask gets you one step smarter.
  • Be bold, be brave, be brilliant at school.
  • Pack your bag with dreams - school’s the place to chase them!
  • Cross this start line with courage and cheer. Go, you!
  • Turn the page to a new adventure in learning today!
  • Friendships and facts wait for you, give them a sunny hello.
  • Today's lesson: You're going to be amazing, believe it!

First Day Of School Wishes For Boys

First day of school wishes for boys should strike a balance between excitement for the new adventures that await and assurance that they're ready for this big step.

  • Charge full-speed into learning, buddy! Your first school day is going to be epic.
  • Big man in a big new world of books and buddies—go get 'em, champ!
  • Your backpack’s packed, your shoes are tied tight, time to launch into your first school flight!
  • Your first day of school is the first page of your big success story. Start strong!
  • It's a big day, little man! Learn lots and have tons of fun!
  • Ready, set, learn! Your school adventure begins now!
  • With your brave heart and curious mind, you’re going to ace the first day.
  • New friends, new games, and new things to discover—school’s in session!
  • Tackle each lesson like a champion. You've got this, sports star!
  • Brains, bravery, and fun—that's what school is all about. Show them you’ve got it all!
  • Your future’s so bright, we’ve got to wear shades! Dive into day one.
  • Hats off to you on day one of becoming the smartest kid around!
  • Turn each page, learn each word, school’s the place to be heard.
  • First day down, a lifetime of wins to go!
  • Master those ABCs and 123s—the sky’s your limit!
  • You're going to be a schoolyard legend, one day at a time.
  • Hey there, Trailblazer! Your learning journey starts with a single step—make it a leap.
  • The bell rings, and your story begins. Make every chapter count!
  • Spread those smarty-pants wings, it’s a day for flying into knowledge.
  • Up and at 'em, kiddo! The first bell is your starter's cheer for an amazing year.

First Day Of School Wishes For Girls

First day of school wishes for girls celebrate new beginnings with enthusiasm and hope. They merge anticipation with the sweet sentiment of watching kids grow and embrace their journey of learning.

  • Embrace the adventure that awaits, sweet girl. Your first day of school marks the beginning of a journey filled with learning and laughter.
  • Confidence in your stride and dreams in your backpack, may your first day of school be the start of many achievements.
  • Begin this academic voyage knowing you're a shooting star, ready to dazzle the classroom on your first day.
  • Here’s to new friends, fun times, and a world of knowledge awaiting you on your very first day of school.
  • Rise and shine, little scholar! May your school days be as bright and cheerful as you are.
  • Pack your courage and curiosity, dear girl. Today, you step into a world where every lesson shapes your future.
  • Thousands of possibilities await you. Seize this first day of school with joy in your heart.
  • Go and light up the classroom with your bright ideas and sparkling personality.
  • Your boundless wonder inspires us all. Have an amazing first school day, little learner!
  • Open those books and explore, for today marks the start of your own grand story.
  • May the start of school unleash your incredible potential as you learn and grow each day.
  • Walk through those school doors ready to explore, learn, and try things you’ve never done before!
  • Here's cheering you on as you kick off an amazing academic race, full of opportunity and promise.
  • As the bell rings, know that you’re ready—a bright new student with a world to conquer.
  • Each class is a step, each friend a treasure. Welcome this first day with open arms, precious girl.
  • Dive into school life with courage and a willingness to discover every day anew.
  • Wishing you the first of many wonderful days at school where you'll find both wisdom and laughter.
  • May lessons learned and stories shared make your school experience absolutely unforgettable.
  • Step into your classroom with excitement; each lesson a doorway to something brilliant.
  • Your journey of a thousand tales begins with the very first step into school today. Enjoy the ride!

First Day Of School Wishes For Kindergarteners

Kindergarten marks a big step. First day of school wishes for kindergarteners should be bright and cheerful to make this new start exciting.

  • Big hugs on your first day of kindergarten! Go make new friends!
  • Your first school day is here, have the best time, little star!
  • Today you start a big adventure. Shine bright in kindergarten!
  • A big high-five for your first day of school! You’ll do great!
  • Jump into your first day of kindergarten with a big smile!
  • It's story time and fun in kindergarten—enjoy every moment!
  • Make today awesome, it’s your first day of kindergarten after all!
  • Pack your bag, it’s time for your very first school day!
  • Hello to coloring, playing, and new friends on your first school day!
  • First day of kindergarten! You’ll be a super kid in class!
  • Time to learn and play, your school journey begins today!
  • Yay for school! Ready, set, learn on your first kindergarten day!
  • Hats off to you on your first day of school, little champ!
  • New pencils, new friends, new fun—kindergarten is here!
  • Here's to the start of something new and exciting – your first school day!
  • Take a deep breath and dive into your first day of kindergarten!
  • New adventures await in kindergarten—go explore!
  • A backpack full of supplies and a heart full of courage for your first school day!
  • Laugh, learn, and play—welcome to your first day in class!
  • You’re a big kid now, embrace your first day of kindergarten fun!
  • Paint a great school day with colors of adventure and new pals, my kindergarten star!
  • Books, buddies, and big fun—that's what your first day of kindergarten is all about!
  • Here's to the start of something big and special—your first day of school. Go get 'em, kiddo!
  • Kindergarten is calling! Time to explore, play, and make new chums on your first school day!
  • First day of kindergarten alert! May your stories be magical and your pencils be sharp!

Wishing Good Luck On The First Day Of School

Wishing good luck on the first day of school embodies the optimism and confidence you want to instill in young learners. It's about embarking on a new adventure with positivity and eagerness to learn.

  • Hooray for the first day! Big discoveries and friends await you.
  • Embarking on your education journey is thrilling. Good luck, smarty pants!
  • Just like a hero in any story, your school adventure is about to begin. Good luck!
  • Remember, every expert was once a beginner. Best of luck on your first day!
  • May your classroom be a magical place of learning and joy. Best wishes!
  • Keep that bright smile on; it's your first day of school superpower! Sending good vibes.
  • As you step into new beginnings, know that you're capable of amazing things. Good luck!
  • Here's to the start of something awesome. School awaits you, champ!
  • Paint your own rainbow in school – every color of knowledge shines! Good luck!
  • Pack your bag with curiosity and confidence. First day of school, here you come!
  • Education is a treasure, and every lesson is a gem. Have a jewel of a first day!
  • Good luck with your ABCs and 123s. School is a blast, so enjoy the ride!
  • Cheers to new learning and laughter. Best of luck on this fabulous day!
  • Lessons, friendships, and fun – it's school time! Dive in with enthusiasm.
  • Brushes and books, colors and crayons. Paint your future bright from day one!
  • New class, neat desk and a happy heart. That's the way to start! Good luck!
  • Adventure within the pages and friends across the desks — good luck on your first day!
  • Peek into each book with wonder, each new day will be brilliant. Luck and love to you!
  • Rise and shine, it's learning time! Sending you sprinkles of good luck.
  • Your determination and courage will make today amazing. Cheers to your first lesson!

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